8 Aesthetic Dog Collars That Are Comfortable For Dogs

8 Aesthetic Dog Collars That Are Comfortable For Dogs

Whether you’re looking for muted pastel colours, monochrome, or a bright pop of colour for your dog’s gear collection, you want to find aesthetic dog collars that match your vibe. Browse our favourite colour inspiration below to find your next colour!

1. Sakura - Muted Soft Pink

A muted pink that's still got a pop of colour, but not overly bright. Perfect for sunny days on the patio!

From right to left: Sakura Original Collar with Sakura Training Handle Mini, Sakura Original Leash, Sakura Multi-Use Hands Free Leash.


2. Fuji - Periwinkle Blue

A muted blue to add a touch of breeze and beach vibes to your summer walks.

From right to left: Fuji Training Handle Original, Fuji Classic Collar with Fuji Training Handle Mini, Fuji Original Leash, Fuji Multi-Use Hands Free Leash.


3. Lavender - Pastel Lilac

A muted lilac tone to add a pop of colour to soft, off-white outfits.

From right to left: Lavender Original Collar, Lavender Multi-Use Hands Free Leash.


4. Red - Cherry Red

Striking and bold, almost cherry red-like. A bright complement to darker themed outfits.

From right to left: Red Classic Collar, Red Original Leash.


5. Cloud - Muted Sky Blue

A Colours by Emma's original colour, in a muted sky blue tone. Soft on the human hands and dogs' necks, with a buttery-smooth material finish, compared to the leather-like texture of other Colours by Emma colours.

From right to left: Cloud Training Handle Original, Cloud Classic Collar attached to Cloud Multi-Use Hands Free Leash.


6. Tan - Camel

Elegant camel tones to add a hint of colour to monochrome themes.

From right to left: Tan Original Collar with Tan Training Handle Pocket, Tan Original Leash with Tan Training Handle Mini, Tan Multi-Use Hands Free Leash.


7. Black

Simple and timeless colour-way, for a minimalist look.

From right to left: Black Classic Collar, White Original Leash.


8. Sage - Pastel Green

Pastel light green in an almost watercress peppery green. Inspired by natural tones, and matches white creams, off-whites, and natural wood tones.

From right to left: Sage Original Collar with Sage Training Handle Mini, Sage Original Leash, Sage Multi-Use Hands Free Leash.


What Makes These Aesthetic Dog Collars Comfortable?

Colours by Emma uses treated polyester webbing materials for all of our gear. The majority of our colours are use a material called Biothane, which has a leather-like feel for a textured finish. Our CLOUD colour is a Colours by Emma-original colour that we developed with our material manufacturers, and the finish on this particular colour is a buttery-smooth texture, without the leather-like textured finish on the Biothane. Regardless of the colour, the materials are soft on the human hands and on the dog necks.


How to Choose The Right Aesthetic Dog Collar?

Make sure to consider the proper sizing and fit, as well as your regular activities with your dog.


Measure your dog’s neck circumference, high up on the neck. This helps you size your collars in a way that the collar doesn’t slip off the neck by accidentally fitting too loosely.

For any training work, it is often recommended to fit the collar in this high-neck position for better control of the dog without any dangers of damaging the trachea.

For casual use, the collar can be worn looser and lower on the neck as well, but be mindful of the pressure applied on the dog’s neck if they tend to pull on walks.



Our aesthetic dog collars are waterproof, odour-resistant, and incredibly easy to clean. You can use the collar in any weather without fear of damage. Go for a swim with it on, or get it muddy during rainy adventures, and the collars will hold up.

*Disclaimer: we do not recommend the collars to be used with heavy leash-pullers, if the leash is connected to the collar. It is intended to be used for loose leash walks, casual play and training sessions – activities that do not apply constant pressure on the collar or the dogs’ necks.


Cleaning Your Aesthetic Dog Collars

It’s so easy. After an outing with your dog, simply spot clean any grime or dirt with a damp cloth. For heavier grime, rinse them under the sink/shower with some dish soap and all of the grime will come right off. Towel dry after a wash to maintain best results.


Where To Buy Aesthetic Dog Collars?

You’re in the right place. Colours by Emma offers a wide range of waterproof and durable collars. Browse our full collection here to find your collar in your aesthetic!

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