Frequently Asked Questions

What are the leashes and collars made of?

We use two types of PVC-coated polyester webbing materials.For the Colours By Emma original colour, the CLOUD, we use a polyester webbing with a smooth PVC coat.

For all other colours, we use BioThane, a vegan-leather material that mimics a leathery texture on the surface. Instead of a completely smooth finish, you will find very fine ridges and bumps, just like you may feel on natural leather.

Both materials are WATERPROOF, ODOUR-RESISTANT, and EASY TO CLEAN. We always ensure an edge-seal to avoid any moisture seeping into the Biothane and PVC materials.

What is a training handle?

Training handles, also known as Traffic handles or grab tabs, are short handles that you can grab onto when you need to quickly grab a hold of your dog.

They can be used as standalone handles, or attached to your leash to make a traffic leash.

Perfect for moments when you are letting your dog off-leash but want to ensure a way to grab a hold of your dog, or in training sessions when working on close-range commands, such as the heel walk.

What is the ZeroWaste Wave™?

The Colours By Emma ZeroWaste Wave is a CBE original cutting method that not only creates a unique touch to our dog leashes and collars, but also reduces our material scraps to virtually zero*.

Colours By Emma is committed to doing our part in taking care of our planet, and our goal is to minimize the waste that results from our production process.

With the ZeroWaste Wave cut, we've been able to reduce our scrap waste by 99%* per material roll that is used for our dog leashes and collars.

*Inevitably there are two scrap pieces that we have to produce on both ends of the material roll, as they sometimes come in dirty or damaged from the material manufacturer.

Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere in the world! Provided our partnered couriers are not experiencing any delivery difficulties, we should be able to ship to you. You can always check if shipping is available, by attempting a check-out process and entering your address. If you're having any trouble, feel free to chat or email us and we can find out for you!

For full shipping details, please review our Shipping Policy.

Do you have a physical location?

No physical locations at this time. But hopefully soon!

However, we are partnered with incredible businesses across Toronto where you can find Colours By Emma products! Find our Retail Partners here.

We do also participate in markets, pop-ups and events across Toronto. We will always announce our events on our social media and email newsletters, so follow @colours_by_emma on Instagram and TikTok and sign-up to our newsletters to stay up to date!

For local pick-up of orders placed online, we will coordinate a date and time to meet in downtown Toronto (in the M5B 0C3 postal code area) to hand you your order.

What is the return policy?

While we do not accept returns at this time, if you notice any issues with your purchase, please reach out to us as we'd like to make sure we do our best to make things right. You can use our Contact Form, get in touch via our chat during business hours, or email us at

For more details, please review our Shipping & Returns Policy.

How do I get in touch?

Let us know if you have any questions, would like to provide any feedback or simply just to say hi!

  • EMAIL via our Contact Form or directly to (response time within 1 business day)
  • CHAT

While we do accept DMs on Instagram, response times may vary on Instagram. For any urgent questions, please EMAIL or use our CHAT.

Do you do social media collaborations?

If you are an influencer/content creator, we are always open to discussing social media collaboration options, provided that the collaboration terms, timing and messaging are a fit!

Contact us through the Content Creators contact form, and we'd love to discuss what you have in mind!

We also have a Brand Rep program, and conduct our rep searches on Instagram. If you are interested in becoming a Brand Rep, please follow @colours_by_emma and apply to our Brand Rep program when we have an active rep search announcement.