Liability Policy

Colours By Emma products are tested on both our own dog, and those of our consenting testers and our brand representatives, prior to releasing said products on our website. We use our products on a daily basis, and obtain regular feedback from our customers and brand representatives to ensure that we can continue to offer products that we are confident in, and where necessary, make improvements to our products to ensure the highest reliability. We ask that customers use good judgement when purchasing Colours By Emma products, and appropriate supervision is always recommended when any pet gear or products are in use.

Colours By Emma gear and accessories are designed and crafted for daily wear and durability, but are not recommended for pets that tend to pull hard on their leashes consistently. We do not recommend on-leash greetings and on-leash play and ask that you use your best discretion on when Colours By Emma products are to be used. We advocate for attentive dog ownership and training, and our products are best used in situations where owners are able to comfortably walk with or train their dogs.

Customers are responsible for determining the appropriate products based on their knowledge of their dog's behaviors and tendencies. By purchasing Colours By Emma products, customers assumes all responsibility and liability when using our products. Colours by Emma, the owner, and sole proprietor cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damages that may result from the correct or incorrect use of our products. Please inspect your products regularly and replace products as needed, based on local safety standards and user discretion. Use of Colours By Emma products is an acknowledgement that you agree to our Liability Policy.