Sustainability and Giveback Initiative

Toronto Dog Owners!

Do you have any of the following dog gear that you're no longer using?

  • Leashes
  • Collars
  • Traffic Handles
    We want to prevent dog gear from ending up in landfill to the best of our abilities, and our solution to this is to take in and upcycle used dog gear, for us to then donate to rescues and animal groups that could benefit from them!
    If you have any leashes, collars, or traffic handles of any brand (not just Colours By Emma) that are no longer in use, please consider donating your gear to us. We will repair and upcycle your used gear to donate to local rescues and shelters that could benefit from second-hand gear! You'd be contributing to minimizing waste, and donating your used gear for a fantastic cause!
    While our operations are still small and limited, we hope to continue expanding our offerings with our retail partners in the future!

    How To Donate:

    1. Clean your used gear as best you can. We want to make sure that all donations are as safe as possible when handling.
    2. Email or DM us about your used gear.
    3. We'll coordinate a date and time to meet-up, for us to receive your gear!

    Meet-Up Location:

    Downtown Toronto - near the Eaton Centre/Dundas Square area (M5B 0C3).
    Please email us at to coordinate a meet-up date and time.