At Colours By Emma, we not only pride ourselves in our products, but we also want to be a business that can make the world a better place.

We have developed a unique material cutting technique that helps us minimize the scrap waste that results from the production of our dog leashes and collars.

Colours By Emma Original Cut

CBE ZeroWaste Wave™

CBE ZeroWaste Wave™ is intentionally designed to omit the process of reshaping our material's belt-ends, thereby essentially producing no scrap waste*.


*The initial cut of the material that we receive from the manufacturers is necessary as the belt-ends are inconsistent and sometimes even damaged.

Typical round U-shape or V-shape cuts require symmetrical cuts between each new collar or leash that is produced. This results in one scrap piece between each product. While it may be a small detail, these scrap pieces can add up.

Through the development of the CBE ZeroWaste Wave™, we've been able to reduce our scrap waste by 99%* per material roll used for our collars and leashes.

*For the production process of 5ft leashes, one roll produces 274 scrap pieces using a round U-cut, but this is reduced to 2 scrap pieces with the CBE ZeroWaste Wave™.