• To inspire joy and positivity through colours.

  • A world where everyone is free to express themselves without fear of shame or judgment.

  • Mental Health



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How it all started

Our Story

The "ideal" leash and collar aren't always easy to come by, especially as a first-time dog owner, when you may not have had the opportunity to discover your preferences just yet.

We found it challenging to find dog gear that perfectly balanced durability, functionality, and design aesthetics when we welcomed our dog, Emma, into our family. Often needing to compromise on one or more of the three areas, we decided to craft our own gear, based on all of the training that we were working on.

Man handcrafting dog collars by punching holes using a leather hole punch.

Our products were noticed in our local dog community in Toronto, and very fortunately, we were able to develop this passion project into a full-time handcrafted dog essentials business.

Over the past 2 years, we have been so blessed to expand from our condo's kitchen counter to homes across Canada, US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Regardless of your dog's breed, the type of training that you do, your walking and playing styles, or the types of adventures that you go on with your dog, our business intentions remain the same:

1. To inspire joy and positivity through your favourite colours.

2. To build the confidence to allow you to wear and use the dog gear that works for you.

3. To ensure that our products are functional for any walking-, playing- and training-styles.

4. To continue developing processes, operations and initiatives for a sustainable future.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

dog leash and dog collar

Treated Polyester Webbing

Our vegan-leather material is a polyester webbing with a PVC-coating, across all of our colours. This allows for a more durable, pliable, and easy-to-clean material compared to authentic leather.

Colours By Emma's original colour, the CLOUD, is a colour that we developed with our manufacturing partner, with a completely smooth finish, as opposed to a leather-like feel with some texture to the surface of the treated polyester webbing material.

All other colours available for our leashes and collars use a material called BioThane, developed by the BioThane company.

Both the CLOUD and our lineup of BioThane materials are waterproof, odour-resistant, soft on the hands and incredibly easy to clean, fit for any adventure in any weather.


Adventure-Ready, Any Time, Any Weather

Whether a hike through the snowy mountains, a run along the sunny beaches, or rainy walk through the city, add your favourite colour to you adventures.