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To inspire joy and positivity by empowering individuals to be unapologetically authentic to themselves.


A world in which every individual is always valued, respected and appreciated.



We openly share our process, so that you know how our products are made.


Through trust, we cultinate a culture of open communication, where we can prioritize our mental and physical health, and advocate for mental health initiatives.


Our material selection and customizable gear are intentional. We want our users to build their ideal products, in their ideal aesthetic, to empower you to express your authentic self.

About Us

We are Sammi and Mick, the humans behind Colours by Emma, the Toronto-based pet supplies company on a mission to inspire joy and positivity through quality, colourful gear. You shouldn’t need to compromise quality and style for price; we strive to deliver products that you can trust and love without breaking the bank.

Pets are more than just, well, pets – they’re an essential part of the family, and we believe that they absolutely deserve the best.

Whether “best” means reliable everyday gear like leashes and collars, durable training tools like traffic handles, or bandanas and bows to match with your outfit, we’ve got it all. Each of our products is produced, packaged and shipped by us, ensuring that you receive the best of the best.

This is our story:

Emma, our loving and cuddly Rottweiler, changed our lives.

We met 8-weeks-old Emma back in October of 2020, and this 10-pound ball of energy kept us busy! The more we spent time with her, the more we wanted to continue spending time with her. We wanted to buy her all the toys, leashes and collars, but quickly realized that most gears and accessories of great quality are incredibly expensive, and the more affordable options simply are not made to last, so we began designing and producing our own gear.

Fast forward a few months into 2021, both of us had left our corporate jobs and were producing and shipping our products full-time. What started off as a passion project has turned into "Colours by Emma" - a pet supplies business that was truly and wholeheartedly inspired by Emma's presence in our lives.

Our goal has always been to produce reliable pet supplies that won’t break the bank, while also being able to match your individual aesthetic. We don’t wear the same clothes every single day, so why not have options for your pets? 
From the durable vegan-leather leashes and collars all the way to the bandanas and waste bag pouches, all of the products you see are sewn/stitched/produced by Sammi in Toronto, Canada, and tested for durability by our now 75lbs Rottweiler and all of her energetic friends!

You don’t need to compromise quality and style for price; we’re here for you!


Welcome to Colours by Emma.

What is Vegan Leather?

The vegan leather material that we use is BioThane, which is polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes this material more durable, stronger, easier to clean, and easier to maintain than standard leather products, while having a similar look, texture and feel as leather.

BioThane is waterproof, so our leashes and collars can withstand playtime in the water, mud, snow, or rain (or any weather for that matter)!