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We're always looking to partner with new businesses who are on a mission to better serve the local and greater pet community.

We use the word "partner" intentionally, as we aim to do more than just have our products on your shelves; we want to make sure we work together to achieve your company's mission and goals by developing unique partnership strategies.

From pet supplies stores, coffee shops to raw pet food suppliers, we partner with so many creative, passionate and thoughtful business, and hope to partner with you too! If you're interested in finding a way to include dogs into your store experiences, let's talk!


What it's like to partner with us:
  • Wholesale pricing on all of our products
  • Delivery of large orders in 15 business days. Each item is handcrafted and carefully inspected before being handed off to you.
  • Delivery of small restock orders in 5 business days*
  • Development of custom collaboration products, based on your store's brand colours.
  • Participation in our sustainability program - upcycling damaged dog gear to be donated to local rescues and shelters, helping us with our mission to reduce.
  • Available to discuss any and all crazy ideas to strengthen our partnerships, such as developing exclusive products, access to our network of partners, and more.


*Locally in the Greater Toronto Area. For cross-province or international shipments of wholesale orders, timeline of delivery depends on the courier and shipping options selected.