The Ultimate Guide to Dog Leashes Around the Waist: Benefits, Tips, and How to Wear

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Leashes Around the Waist: Benefits, Tips, and How to Wear

As more cities become more dog-friendly, hands-free dog leashes are becoming increasingly popular. These unique dog leashes are worn around the waist, and allow you to keep your hands free while walking, shopping, or enjoying a meal on a dog-friendly restaurant patio.

Hands-free dog leashes can be worn around the waist to free up your hands.
Perfect for walks, shopping, or at restaurant/café patios with your dog.
Just like a belt, wear the hands free dog leash around the waist to keep your dog close by.


    What are Hands-Free Dog Leashes?

    Hands-Free Dog Leashes are leashes that you can wear around your body so that you can free up your hands as you walk with your dog. These types of leashes come in handy especially when you're shopping and carrying bags, when you're walking your dog and you've got your coffee with you, or when you're working on training. You're freeing up your hands that you would otherwise be using to hold onto the leash.


    How to Wear a Hands-Free Dog Leash Around the Waist:

    1. Widen the handle loop, by pulling on the leash-ends away from each other.  
    2. Unclip the handle loop from the ring and wrap around your waist.
    3. Reclip the handle loop to the ring and pull the leash-end to tighten the ring if necessary.
    4. Attach the leash to your dog's collar or harness, and you're ready for your hands-free walk.


    Tips for Using Hands-Free Dog Leashes:

    • Start with short walks to help both yourself and your dog adjust to the new walking style.
    • Stay alert of your surroundings and your dog’s behavior to ensure that you are walking safely, for both your dog and yourself.
    • Practice loose-leash walking using commands like “heel” and “stop” (or equivalent) to maintain control and keep your dog close.
    • Hands-free leashes are perfect tools to work on training; use your free hands to gesture commands or have rewards/treats ready for successful behaviours.

    *Disclaimer: we do not recommend the hands-free leashes for dogs that are strong pullers or are prone to lunging. The hands-free leashes are intended to free up your hands for the optimal walking experience, whether that means structured heel walks, carrying items, or having free hands to better handle your dog in the case of any emergencies.



    Hands-free dog leashes worn around the waist free up your hands to enhance your walking experience with your dog. Whether you’re on a jog, shopping at a dog-friendly business, or working on training, the hands-free dog leashes allow you to keep your dog close without occupying your hands. Explore the Multi-Use Hands Free Dog Leashes collection at Colours by Emma and find your colour!

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