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Colours by Emma

Forest Green Hands Free Leash


Vegan leather, multi-use hands-free leash.

Wrap it around your body for when you’ve got your hands full, or simply hold it by the end for a regular leash.

Clean and minimalist design allows for a lightweight leash that can be use in multiple ways, based on your needs.

Got a coffee with you today? No problem, open up the loop and wear your leash around your body.

Need to give your dog a little slack on-leash to roam? You got it! Simply remove the leash from your torso, let the leash extend until the rings meet and you’ve got yourself a 7ft leash.

Now all you need to decide is which colour to go with.

What colour should I wear today?


Care Instructions:

Rinse leashes with a sponge in the sink, or spot clean dirty areas with a damp cloth and dry with towel.

Buckles and other metal hardware pieces may rust when kept wet, so dry after every use to maintain best leash condition.




Forest Green Hands Free Leash